The heart of a lover (the true devotee of God)
constantly burns with the fire of Love so much
so that whatever (passion)
intrudes upon its sanctity is burnt to ashes.


When the river pursues its course, the flow occasions force
and noise, but when it ultimately merges into the see,
it rests in supreme peace.
The same is true of the individual 'self' covering various stages
on its onward journey to merge itself in the Universal Self.


The association with the pious and godly persons is better
than doing a good deed even, and the association with
ungodly and vicious people is worse than doing an evil act.


He indeed is a true devotee blessed with the love of God, who is gifted with the following three attributes :-

(i) River-like charity, i.e. his sense of charity has no limits and is equally beneficial to all the creatures of God who approach him,

(ii) Sun like affection, i.e. his affection may be extended indiscriminately to all Like sunlight and

(iii) Earth-like hospitality, i.e. his loving embrace may be open to all like that of the earth.


Making rounds of the holy Kaaba though the medium of heart and physical body is of no avail because
he is the seer of the 'essence of things' whose mind is constantly making rounds of the Heaven and
the globe and all that transcends them.


The reflection of Divine Attributes in a devotee indicates but
 an inferior stage in the pursuit of the love of God;
the superior or higher stage is illustrated by the power which enables him to transpose the accuser himself
to the category of a culprit.


There are four cardinal virtues of the individual self;

firstly, refraining from begging in the state of penury;

secondly, showing the attitude of the well-fed when feeling hungry ;

thirdly maintaining cheerfulness in the time of sorrow, and

fourthly, be friendly the enemy.

The graveyard is the place for picking up a lesson.
In such a solemn surrounding, one should not indulge in laughing or burst into laughter or eat or drink
or do any other worldly thing.


The best way of evading the fire of hell lies in
feeding the hungry, providing water to the thirsty, removing the wants of the needy. and befriending the miserable.


The Almighty God will erect on the Day-of-Judgment
curtains the thickness of which will take 500 years
to cross over between the hell and the man
who feeds a hungry person.


The worldly people work under worldly limitations, the seekers of the world hereafter drink deep into the love of God which keeps them always happy and free from cares, where as those:: devoted to the path of Maarifat, look to nothing else except the Divine Light which drowns them.


Those who are true lovers of God,
give away both of the worlds for the sake
of their 'beloved' and even then
they feel that they have done nothing whatever.


Three things are dearer than all other things of the world.

 Firstly, the savant who says according to
what he has digested;

secondly the person who does not succumb to avarice, and

thirdly the Aarif who is always singing the praises
and glory of his 'beloved' (God).


Perfection in Faith is evidenced by three things ;

(1) Fear,

(2) Hope and

(3) Love.